Proxy for style

So you are looking for a comfortable and stylish new task chair, stool, or even Executive chair? Take a look at the New enhancements of Proxy. Proxy began as a mesh back, perfect for the standard worker and conference rooms. However, it has grown to become a full office task and executive seating option. They have dressed up the back options from a knit back or a fully upholstered option.

Living Office

So in today's society we are working in a world of comfort and design... The only way to retain employees and be in the front of your industry is to make work places that are both comfortable and adaptable to their needs. Herman Miller calls this Living Office. We are able to integrate the coffee shop feel in the office, with high top tables and lounge furniture. Both of these are fully ready to be 'worked' with and on, meaning technology advance with power and data options in everything. Work places want you to work in the office, but how you feel comfortable. Sometimes that is a standing meeting or coffee moment to brain storm your ideas on a project to being able to take a personal call in a quite space. Employees want to be comfortable on every level at their offices. Take a look at some of these Living offices Settings for both Technology and 'small group meetings' 


Flux 'oh the possiblities'

Flux is a user friendly desk system. Contemporary with a  Transitional flair. We are able to make an office completely suited for the end user. Height adjustable options, low storage, beautiful metal accents, stylish legs, great storage solutions. Marker board storage, hiding storage options, and of course your standard door storage, open storage options. Available in a bunch of new Laminate and veneer options. Laminates like High Line and Florence walnut. Check out these beautiful options. 



Dipping into the archives, we have pulled out a chair from Herman Miller. Sayl was introduced to the design world in 2011. It was probably an early design for a lot of people as it introduced a lot of new ideas and design features. The back of the chair is design to flow with you, the Bridge looking back is actually there to bend and move with your body. The arms are designed to be changed to any height immediately. In a world where we are suppose to always move both of these features were leaps and bounds early in the Chair options. Sayl was designed by Yves Behar, and mimicked the Golden Gate Bridge. Come stop by and take a spin in the Sayl if you haven't had a chance to yet. 

Sayl's come in task chairs, stools, conference seating, and side chairs. The back can be a suspension back and or a fabric upholstered back. 

Sosa Spot Light

JSI has come out with another very versatile side chair series. Sosa has many back options and designs to make the office your own. Take this modern sleek design into any office, waiting area, touch down space, etc.  The back can be wood slat to some beautiful stitching designs. We do have one in the showroom, so come on down. 

Bryn Series


At Neocon, we were introduced to Bryn. Bryn a very modern chair with a simplistic style and design. Bryn is easy to be placed in every office or break room, depending on how you design it with fabrics and finishes. Each chair can define a space or location. They have coordinating bar and counter height stools.  Frames in Mate Black, Bright white, or Chrome. The wood option if chosen is a Rift Cut White Oak with a story behind the grain. Plastic seat colors come in a Extra White, Gray Screen, Kiwi Green, Toile Red, and Tricorn Black. 1,000,000 fabrics and vinyls of course. 

Executive Leather Chairs

Leather Executive chair...At every office, someone wants one...  It might be you. The problem with a lot of them is that there are no Ergonomic Functions on them. They usually raise up and down, and maybe have an adjustable arm.  We need more for comfort for a 8 or 10 hour work day!

Herman Miller's answer- Taper keeps up with all of the ergonomics possible-

  1. Provides Zonal Support in the back rest
  2. SuperSeat Technology for comfort and circulation
  3. Tilt is to harmonize with the body
  4. Design- Slender and Luxury 

Task Chairs

Yes there are millions of task chairs, so stop by our offices and take a sit test. One of our more popular stocked items is the NPI510. This chair has all the 'major' functions you are looking for at half the price. Including Synchro Controls with free floating and position back tilt lock. Comfort seat with a 4" foam. Curved Lumbar supporting back. Fully adjustable arms height and width. Come take a Spin.


Of course, we have lots of task chairs to take a spin in, if you would prefer something else.

Installations- Herman Miller Setu's and Everywhere Tables

So this week in the get ready for school to start... We have been doing quite a few school projects and installations. Here are some great photo of a few classrooms in town that got some Upgrades! Herman Miller Everywhere tables and Setus. If you haven't had that chance to try out a Setu, you have no idea what you are missing. It is just a easy sit, with the only function being to raise and lower the seat. The back bends and flex's with you for ultimate comfort. This is probably our best conference, training room, classroom, and touch down space seating option. Just some simple  upgrades to make a space look brand new. Here are a few photos from yesterday's installation! 

setu everywhere image 1.jpg

Nosh is Posh!

Elegant and classy, how else would you describe the new table series by Community- Jasper Group Brand. They can do 29" high, 36" counter height, or 42" bar height. There are also some standard built in power options for the touch down and power up locations. So whether you are looking to design or fill an entire lunch room of tables and chairs, or a landing spot for a quick touch down friendly meeting of brainstorming, Nosh is your answer!

Canvas Offices

Herman Miller Canvas is easy to show off your space as a co-habitation office set up. It is easy to flow from private office to work spaces from conference rooms to touch down spaces.  Canvas is filled with lots of options and ideas to work and play with to make your office very personalized and unique.  Going from Height Adjustable work surfaces, fabric modesty panels, full cubicle walls, marker board doors, floating shelves, and lots of personal storage. Personal storage for everything from a purse to a book bag to a pair of tennis shoes for your lunch time jog.  Marker board surfaces for idea starters and messages between colleagues - 'gone to lunch be back soon' or 'had to go pick up kid at daycare, working from home today.' Never fear any ideas that you have started Herman Miller and Canvas will solve them across the board. 



Every hour, GET UP and GET MOVING! Walk a lap around your office, go to the copier or the printer, do not sit still. Get your blood flowing and help to move your joints more. No matter how 'great' your chair is, you are suppose to get up for 15 minutes an hour and stand, move, stretch. Are you able to work standing up? If the answer is NO, start asking for it, fight for it. Any desk can get a height adjustable option. We might have to remove some upper storage and/or add a leg to help brace the bridge on the desk side, but it is possible! Do not let someone tell you it can't be done. Get a 2nd opinion. We have options for 3 legs so that we can do an entire corner work surface. Lately, many people are just making their bridge the height adjustable option and this is the perfect option. 

See below for an in stock option that we have. We can definitely get any color, size, etc. Just not in stock in some cases! But in all reality, the cost is very minimul. 

Function and Fun

Check out some new images of Totem! A Great pull up Ottoman, both on casters and glides. You can make them bold with some patterns or keep them soft and solid to blend in. Simple additional chair in a work space, and/or a pop of color or design. We can all use some extra seating. These are easy to move from location to location. They have a great sit too, so there will be no complaining, just comfort. The casters are also nice to be able to move over cords or change in flooring. 



Plex Lounge furniture by Herman Miller has actually been around for a year or two. However, if you haven't taken a moment to get familiar with it... You are missing out! Plex is very flexible and fun, and the best part COMFORTABLE! Bases can be Feet (wood or black,) casters, or a Swivel Base. The swivel base even has return on it. Coordinating tables that work at laptop height. You have arm chairs, sofas, ottomans, and benches. Lot's of fabrics and finishes of course. 


Perhaps, the most interesting option is the high back that gives a little privacy on demand. 


So at Neocon we got introduced to Keyn in 2017. However, it is worth the look back! Check out how far this chair has come. The back does flex with the user. The chair can be poly or fabric seat and back. The frame is in Black and white, along with the option of a Polished Aluminum base! Check out this link for the product configuration to see how you can design your own Keyn Chair for your office!