Even Platform

Are you an office that has your executives in super traditional or 'nicer' offices to the employees? You might want to consider Canvas for your new offices. Canvas can be used as a cubicle to open office system all the way to the offices. This means the same colors, finishes, and styles top to bottom. This really helps with division in the work place, people enjoy knowing that they are on the same level and not sitting between the 'leather bound books' statements. 

It's not Spring yet, but do you have a patio

Right now in the work world it is all about retaining and attracting workers. A little bit of sunshine goes a long way with most people. Even in some areas of the world you are required to sit under Vitamin D lamps to just soak in some sun rays. What if a simple Patio addition or adding some seats for the folks to sit outside during a family phone call, or lunch break. Do you think that could give us some happy smiles? 

So you don't know how to work your chair?

So you got a new chair and do not know how to work it? Guess what Herman Miller keeps an informational video on every task chair online! Click on the seating line from Herman Miller site, and then click on Pro-Resources. From there the bottom of the page talks about the User Guide! So many helpful tools and a How to for the beginners!

Caper Colors-New with Mirra2_002.jpg