Have you had the AMAZING new sit test in the Herman Miller Cosm Chair? If not, you are missing out!!!! This chair was made to completely natural in form, called Auto-Harmonic Tilt . Your body weight is the chairs main focus, by forcing the chair to move with you, and making you feel almost weightless. Cosm uses your body to balance and make the tilt, back support, and feel to the user.

Cosm has a low, mid and high back option. It has a no arm, fixed arm, height adjustable arm, and leaf style. Comes in 5 stunning colors- Graphite, Canyon, Iceberg, Glacier, and Carbon. Some of them can be Fully dipped in color, meaning all the way down to the caster tread being colored. Amazing detail that some manufacturer’s can forget. It was designed by Studio 7.5 (the makers of Mirra, Mirra 2, and Setu) Come check out our demo’s in the office… You will not want to leave!


Canvas Vista

Are you ready for an office space designed for you and your employees? Canvas Vista is made to work for you. This system is simple, clean lines, and very flexible for each individual users. Take the storage for instance, detailed lighting, storage diagonal for shoes and/or back packs, dividing panels and tack boards to help block some sight lines. Vista is also great for smaller foot prints per associates. A typical person might sit in a 8’ x 6’, in this system you can easily cut corners and give visually more space while using less. Turning that into a 7’ x 5’ without it appearing smaller. Win for both the employee and the Employer.

Lok Tables complete solution

Have you taken a few minutes to look at LOK? Lok is a new table line by JSI. They begin as a multi-purpose table, however, they can morph into any table that your office needs. Including- conference rooms, training rooms, cafeterias, touch down work stations, and small group meeting spaces. 4 base options- T- legs, C- legs, X- Base and Y-Base. Along with a few coordinating pieces, a podium, instructor’ stand, mobile standing height table, credenzas, and marker boards.

How could you use Lok on your next project?

Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to 2019A.jpg

We would love to show you our new options and how they can help create your space in 2019. Let’s work together to make the most out of your space. We can help with simple office design or full ‘relocation’ of departments as they are ever changing and needing to interact with different groups.

No matter what, come take a look at our new sit to stand option. It is quite with programmable settings and sleek design.

Ready to Start Planning for 2019?

Are you ready to start your planning for improvements to your office for 2019??? Part of keeping a positive work environment is their work place. Considering new office layouts, new task chairs, new conference room layouts, more collaborative areas, a new and improved break room. We are living in a world that companies are starting to want people to stay at the office more, and less ‘field’ or ‘work at home’ situations. To make associates happy we need to fully focus on their needs and wants in an office. New Paradigm Interiors, Inc. Specializes in bringing the company needs and associates needs into one flexible situation. Can’t wait for 2019 to start, let us know!

Office- 636-717-0045

Aeron, Mirra, Embody NOW

Do you need a last minute gift??? One that they will appreciate for years to come! We have Aeron’s both Classics and Remastered, Mirra 2, Celle, and Embody executive and task seating on hand and ready to take home. You sit in your task chair for 8-10 hours a day, even if it is for a home office, definitely think about where and what you sit in! Ergonomics are important!


call us today- 636-717-0045

Seating NOW

Are you looking at your year end and need to spend a few dollars for the end of the year? WE have some excellent in stock task chairs and some options for desks! Our Task Chair selection is in pretty good standing. Lots of comfort options, both for the daily task chair, conferencing, or side chairs. All chairs come with a warranty and can be delivered by the end of the year if ordered by December 26, 2018.

WE do have Aeron (Remastered and Classic) Mirra 2 and Embody in time for the holidays in limited supplies and options. Give us a call today to make someone’s work day 100 times better with a brand new task chair. Remember you sit in your chair 8 hours a day and they say to change your mattress every 8 years! Imagine if you actually got 8 hours a sleep a night (the time we spend at minimum in our chairs a day!)

Native Tables

Native Tables are a very sleek, showing of human nature and design. Native does everything from sit to stand, to interesting shapes and designs. The table bases are shown in a sleek metal option available in many shades of silver, white black, and a clear RAW option. Edges are available in eased and a reversed bevel. New Paradigm finds that a reverse edge helps ease the use on the conference arms and keeping things plain and simple. The tops are available in a wood, laminate, solid surface, and back painted glass surfaces. We can also just supply the base if you want to supply your own top from a local company.


Also, some great coordinating pieces! Marker Board, Dividers, Bookcases, and benches.


Coworking Spaces

What changes the dynamics in a Co-working space? EVERYTHING! As designers, we try to use a lot of colors, textures, heights, etc. to make the eye move and demand a second look for secondary spaces. The use of these different materials and shades help to increase productivity and keep the work place social. The space needs to be inviting both by design and function, meaning both fun textures and colors, along with correct seating and technology.

One important feature is that while we all want fun and out going spaces, they do still need to be semi-private. Even the younger generation still needs some noise control, along with sight lines.

Here are a few photos from our Co-Working spaces.



In this time of Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment to thank our Family, Friends, and clients for all of your support and friendships. We work daily in hopes to better relationships and get to know people as individuals not what their job title or position. The same attitude with projects… What do clients need!

This is a photo from the Lindenwood Kid’s Against Hunger, we participated as a team together on November 2, 2018. We packed 1,000 of meals during our team session. We each love to get involved in the community and show our support.

packing 2.jpg

Living Office- Clubhouse

The 4th Place making location is Clubhouse. It is a working Neighborhood location. More of a team environment with a long term project. Could be a defined space by walls or dividers. Supports a lot of different body functions, sitting, standing, leaning, casual, etc. Idea boards and starters are very popular in this space.