Learning Classroom Style Safco

Safco has always been on the edge of product development for offices, libraries, and classrooms, however, this year Safco has pushed hard into the learn and school industry.

Learning is about keeping the focus on the classroom , the teacher, the group work, etc. To do that students need spaces to fidgit and move, allowing kids to keep focus on the teacher and learning in the room. If you are needing a specific chair or student desk for your classroom in the fall, give us a call and we can help you find something perfect I am sure.


Flux Lockers

Jsi Introduced Flux a while back, but the new storage options by Flux are ‘Perfect’ for any office. Many offices for part time, students, nurses, etc could always use some storage options. We can do 1-2-3 rows of lockers, and columns are all just universal. pick how many you need and we can put them in lines. You have options for locking and just being able to make a space your own and still feel as your belongs are secure.


Offices and Design

When you close your eyes, do you see your entire office just complimenting the entire office. That begins in the design phase of a project. It can begin at any time in a project, however, the sooner you put the flag in the sand the sooner your are able to make the offices flow. One easy way to have the entire office landscape compliment each other, is to use the JSI Vision line. You have the option of laminate or wood surfaces. This way you can upscale a conference room but down grade an employee brainstorming room. Vision allows a lot of flexibility in sizes, desks, returns, credenzas, and height adjustable options. You are able to just say I want and they can make it or make it work.

How can we help shape your office today?

j_vision_con_office_13_lg (1).jpg

Cosm Design 7.5

Cosm was developed at Herman Miller with Studio 7.5. This chair is a great combo of the Mirra 2 and Setu. Studio 7.5 has developed a chair with very little adjustments, and uses Auto-Harmonic Tilt technology to keep your posture correct and keep you moving! Cosm comes in 5 colors and has 5 dipped colors. Dipped from the top to the caster. Come design your own at the office.


Kendall Side Chairs

Kendall is an amazing side chair, it is timeless and contemporary all at the same time. You are able to dress up a chair or tone it down for every office. There are 5 back styles, and 2 arm styles. You can have a fully upholstered chair or a wood back, or even an accent wood back with some upholstery. This chair is available in 1,000 of fabrics and COM, along with 37 wood finish options. Where could you use the Kendall in your office?


Children's Seating

Every office might not need Children’s seating, but when needed these always mean something special to the users. Let’s be honest, spending a few dollars to make the parents happy and possibly keep their child entertained might be worth it to the entire office, library, or school. Community has a few options to see, but let’s talk about Class ACt


Class Act

Seating for all

Mobility in the Office

Mobility in the office is key for most offices, big and small. Everyone is trying to get the most out of their space and location. One option for this is a simple addition of NPI560 you are able to use this chair in almost every space, it folds up for easy storage and has casters to easily move from one space to another. This is a great option around a conference table in a small office to training rooms. We even have a vinyl option for a comfortable upscale lounge or coffee bar space in an office.


Caper Stack Chairs

Daily you can always use a multipurpose chair, but do you get the most out of your chair…. The Herman Miller Caper is ideal for all users and businesses. The Caper can transform from a simple stack lunch room chair to an additional chair in an office or conference room. Capers are also easily suited for a multipurpose room as both a stacker and/or a multi function seating option, with a mesh seat addition.

The Caper was not designed for an 8 hour task chair, but in a training room we have never head a complaint. Think about your training areas, are they lecture halls. A mesh seat could be an amazing addition and folks will want to use your space.

Caper Colors-New_025.jpg

Outdoor Fun

So every day millions of office works look out the window and think, man it is beautiful out there… I wish I was…. Well why don’t you give them even a little hope with some outdoor seating area for lunch or a quick Mind break! Community has 5 lines of outdoor options, but POPP is our favorite at NPI. Popp comes in 5 color options, Light Grey, Blue, White, Dark Grey, and Red. Along with armed and armless.


Connect Ideal Lounging

When you walk into your space, do you feel welcomed and able to have a quick vendor meeting, or simple chat with a client…. If not, we might need to discuss an upgrade. JSI Connect is one of those options. Connect is able to divide space with taller backs nicer for private group meetings or discussions, all the way to simple low back waiting areas. You are also able to incorporate tablet arms and power to allow for the waiting and library spaces to be user friendly. No one turns down power options, walking around an airport to a zoo you can find random phones plugged in every where. Everyone wants to be connected, so why not have a few in your space helping to make person’s day easier to navigate.


Get Up and Get Moving

folks… are you still sitting at your desk 5 days a week 8-9 hours a day (yes some of you eat at your desk) Get up and get moving…. Height adjustable desk is the answer. And as long as we are talking about a NORMAL situation 9/10 times we are only talking about a $400 add to a station or office, can be less if you supply your own top, and can be less if you are ordering a few. That is installed! What more could your employees want??? Honestly, behind a great chair, the height adjustable desk is next in line. So let’s talk about how to get you a desk NOW!

  1. Size- Most desks, returns, etc are between 24-30” d x 42-72” wide! Don’t worry this is perfect for our standard stocked model. And at worst, you might need a 3rd leg, which it is capable of doing.

  2. Do you have any overheads in the way of going up, or pedestals (storage files, etc) attached to the top…. This can be an issue, but easy to solve. If you have overheads going up, can you move them one way or another and/or maybe get a book case or storage unit. And in today’s world, shred them, do you really need 15 binders from 2001? Pedestals, we will just need to make a custom top if they are surface attached. Simple answer really, and not too expensive. This just makes sure that your files are safe and not just open to any one walking by. Now if you are sitting in a wood desk, it might be best to just use your bridge as the moving part of your desk, but that leaves your desk open for meetings and other paper work and functions.

Z300S base picture.jpg

Canvas Private Offices

One thing that every office is looking for is a way for everyone to feel as though they are equally important. One way to help with this is using a system like Herman Miller Canvas. Canvas can make a simple work station all the way to a private office. This away parts and pieces all match and you are never looking for a ‘why did we have one green panel in a sea of blue’ or you can make an executive area look ‘more appealing’ without having to change systems. This makes the facilities folks very happy, along with keeping unity and team building easy throughout an office.

Everyone wants to belong to something, and shouldn’t one of those things be WORK.

Native Conference

Have you been searching for something new and cutting edge for your conference rooms? We all know about wireless options, and new technology. But the ACTUAL look of your conference room!

Consider the newest conference room by JSI NATIVE it has the ability to make a conference room a talking space. It incorporates the use of Metal, wood, laminate, paint, and even solid surface. Simple clean lines along with style and beauty of natural products.