Herman Miller Caper is probably one of the most versatile chairs around. This is a simple chair for a training room or all the way to an Emergency room for the nurses stations. You are able to pick from quite a few fun colors, and make this chair work for your space. The best thing about this chair is even as a plastic seat it is formed to fit you. You feel comfort and supported. We can get a mesh seat if you would like to make this even more comfortable.


Indie- Rockers

Okay, okay, okay… the first words out of everyone’s mouths no we do not want someone hanging out in a rocker all day. Well that isn’t what they were made for, but they are that comfortable!!!! Rockers are great for libraries, chill spaces, idea planning, cool down areas post meetings, mother’s rooms, waiting areas for kids, and many more. Think out side the comfort zone when planning a space as the ‘unusual’ ideas are sometimes the best!


Eames Molded Fiberglass

Eames might be the most known name of the Furniture and design world. Herman Miller and Eames worked together in many ways to allow Ray and Charles to design products. Fiberglass was the original chair design, and what makes it the most interesting is that each piece speaks to the product. Every chair is technically a little different, giving it some character.

The Classic colors are back! Lemon Yellow, Green, Elephant Hide Grey, Black, Navy, Parchment, Red Orange, Seafoam, Seal Brown, Terracotta, and Ultramarine Blue! So which color works in your Home or Office!


Task Chair Thursday

Time to high light one of our Customer Favorites NPI540.

The NPI 540 comes with these standard features-

Premium Multi-Tilt Control with Back Angle

  • Tilt Tension and Variable Front Seat Tilt Adjustments

  • Easy to Adjust Ratchet Back Height Adjustment

  • Exclusive “Comfort Seat” with 4” Thick Contoured Molded Foam

  • Curved Lumbar Back Support in Soft Knit Mesh

  • Height & Width Adjustable T- Arms with Beveled Pads–Optional Pivot Arms

  • Clean Back Design with No Visible Connectors or Screws

  • Metal High Profile Base w/ 60 mm Casters

  • Seat Slider for Adjustable Seat Depth

Standard in Black fabric, Black mesh, and black frame

Lounge Areas

Lounge Areas are one of the most trendy and used spaces in an office space, library, waiting area, dormitory, lobby, etc. It is how you make them feel as to the expectation of the space. If you expect people to get up and leave them some 4 legged chairs might be the right option. However, if you are wanting people to be comfortable and stay awhile, or be involved in a deep conversation or idea and brainstorming session, comfort might be ideal.


Power the Afterthought

How many times in the office have you said, I wished that this had power access… Or have you created a new space and forgot about your power needs…. Herman Miller now has a great solution! You are able to make your spaces work for you today and tomorrow by just removing a carpet tile or two and getting wall access to a plug to bring up power almost anywhere in a space.

Height Adjustable

Are you standing enough? Are you moving enough?

Guess what you need too… It can be hard to make yourself do it, but your body is Begging you too! That being said, one of the easy ways for a company to help out is to get a height adjustable desk. They are not as expensive as you want to think. However, what ever the cost do it for your mind, body, and just keeping you healthy.

Some things you want to look for is a pre-programmable desk, a quite one, and one with options of sizes and base options.

Come in and try our base!

NPI7300 table2.jpg

Space Dividers- Indie Style

All to often these days we are trying to have open but divided spaces. We are looking for an area that is defined but not with walls and tall panels. Today we can use Indie Lounge Seating Benches to help create spaces with divisions. We can divide the space by color and styles. However, think how trendy and stylish your space can look with some benches (and even low panels) to help make space division .