Touch Down, Stay a while

Does your office have spaces to sit for a minute, grab a cup of coffee, collaborate, and yet still be working… We call these Warm up and cool down areas. Usually located outside of a meeting space or near by. You are able to fine tune a presentation, have simple greetings, and then be able to check notes before returning to your desk or home office. Showing off the use of the Layered Tables, Saiba seating, wood lounge and Nelson lighting.

Cosm seating

Are you ready for the Newest Body balance chair around… With full back support. Folks talk about how great body balance is, but do not follow up with your back and neck support. Cosm has cured all of this. The chair is very intuitive to your every moment. You get to move the seat up and down to the right height… After that you have some great options to make this chair your ‘favorite’ by color and design!


Indie Lounge

Have you ever just wanted to melt… That is what Indie is made for… Indie is made to curl up with a book and put your feet up on an ottoman, all the way down to being able to have a casual impromptu meeting. So are you ready for some of the most comfortable lounge chairs ever…. Come take a seat!


Have you taken a moment to evaulate your offices and think hmmm… maybe we could use a change. Ethospace might be that answer. In Ethospace we have doors, windows, marker boards, fabrics, tool rails, and of course we can go to the ceiling. Ethospace is a tile system that you can fully change out and move all the tiles around and make an all new look in a few minutes.


Cym Style

Are you looking for that perfect side chair… light enough to move about a space, but sturdy enough to hold up in your office. You have to look at Cym. Cym is a light weight, but very usable chair. You can make it all plastic for a cafeteria or school setting. Fully upholstered or half and half. You can pick arms or not. This chair is also available in a multipurpose chair and 2 stool options bar and counter.


Common Space Fun

When you walk about your work spaces, do you see rows and rows of cubicles, desk, touch down spaces…. Or do you see common spaces to enjoy the space? Hopefully some common spaces to have a quick chat over a project or finish up a phone call. Here are some great images from a few college spaces that show how easy it is to collaborate when given the right tools.

Ziva Fun

When you are looking for a private space, have you ever thought that some height might add to some sound absorbancy along with sight lines to be blocked. Check out these awesome solo or double occupany units. This will help break up all kinds of meeting and help make a better work and life balance all while at work.


Conferencing in Style

Every office needs a few Conferencing options in the office, a few casual everyone conference spaces, a few collaborative small ones for the quick meetings, and then a few that are ‘Style’ and for show. A few great ideas are the seating and the table, at Herman Miller the Eames table is an excellent design element in a conference room. Polished Chrome is a standard option on the Eames options also, not an upgrade. Also, the newest Conference seating by Herman Miller is the Taper, and it has the highest level of design and comfort all rolled into one executive chair. You are able to balance design and function.


Hoopz Please

So when you start thinking about redoing some of your space, you should definitely think about uniformity and cross over products. Hoopz is an excellent idea for this type of product. Available in a stack chair and stool seating, along with upholstered or poly. You are able to design your back to be preforated or holes design.


Flexible Spaces in the Office

What do you do with your extra spaces in the office? Have you thought about making them welcoming discussion, cool down, collaborative spaces? Employees really thrive with a space to grab a drink and be able to discuss their family vacation to an important detail in a project. However, upper management must start this ‘culture’ for the associates to follow. Everyone thinks it is a little taboo to be able to be comfortable at the office. Offices of today are made to discuss, collaborate and problem solve in a very relaxed environment


Action Office A/O

Whatever you call Action Office…. It is the original and first office system created! Designed in 1968 by Robert Propst to be the first OPEN office system. Granted it has stood the test of time, proven to be practical and proven to the be easiest reconfigure. Trust us, there are only 100 knock offs trying to recreate something that is still amazing! Check out the newest look of Action Office, it is not what you expect.