Vision for all

Vision is a full line of Laminate and Veneer Case goods by JSI. Vision has 3 edges and so many standard along with custom options. There are 15 different laminates, along with many wood finishes. You are able to 2-tone an office, if you want the work surfaces to be one pattern and the bases/drawer fronts to be another option. Vision allows for moving from Open office plans to private offices and collaborative spaces. You are able to keep some of the basic areas that are used all the time laminate, and then change the offices to more ‘executive’ wood Veneer options.


Reef for Chats

Does your office have a good project area? Whether you need the space to layout drawings, project reports, or just need some space to spread out and communicate with others. Reef is a great option. IN a lot of offices today, work spaces are getting smaller, and/or maybe you have a few touch down spaces… Think about how your office could benefit from a few high top options like Reef around the space.



So you decided to do Benching, and now you have stuff…. ALL over!!!! A good answer this problem is Flux lockers storage. Sometimes while developing a new office we forget that we need storage, a coat hook, a place to put the phone, the correct electrical options. However, storage where we are suppose to put our things is huge.

We need places to put our purse, lap top bags, tennis shoes for the gym tonight, or just something you didn’t want to leave in the car! Flux has made some great strides in storage! They look like they are suppose to be there!



Aeron is probably the most notable and noticeable chair on the market. Aeron has been one of the most requested chairs. In 2016 it was remastered! Check out the new options available! The chair was designed to be Health Positive (did you know that you are health negative while sitting?), they have developed zones so that you are fully supported from your back to your bottom, the new Pellicle is even more breathable, and much much more!

Wink makes you SMILE

JSI has made some new additions to Wink! Wink is now available with a wood base, the wood base can make a statement in an office like almost no others. The new poly colors are also a great improvement more matte and subdued colors. The originals are still available, but just some new improvements to look at options in your space. Navy is the new BLACK so give that a try as the dominate color in a space.



Herman Miller Caper is probably one of the most versatile chairs around. This is a simple chair for a training room or all the way to an Emergency room for the nurses stations. You are able to pick from quite a few fun colors, and make this chair work for your space. The best thing about this chair is even as a plastic seat it is formed to fit you. You feel comfort and supported. We can get a mesh seat if you would like to make this even more comfortable.


Indie- Rockers

Okay, okay, okay… the first words out of everyone’s mouths no we do not want someone hanging out in a rocker all day. Well that isn’t what they were made for, but they are that comfortable!!!! Rockers are great for libraries, chill spaces, idea planning, cool down areas post meetings, mother’s rooms, waiting areas for kids, and many more. Think out side the comfort zone when planning a space as the ‘unusual’ ideas are sometimes the best!


Eames Molded Fiberglass

Eames might be the most known name of the Furniture and design world. Herman Miller and Eames worked together in many ways to allow Ray and Charles to design products. Fiberglass was the original chair design, and what makes it the most interesting is that each piece speaks to the product. Every chair is technically a little different, giving it some character.

The Classic colors are back! Lemon Yellow, Green, Elephant Hide Grey, Black, Navy, Parchment, Red Orange, Seafoam, Seal Brown, Terracotta, and Ultramarine Blue! So which color works in your Home or Office!