Working for the Weekend

So we go to work for 8-10 hours a day, and then Friday comes and you get to stretch your legs all weekend and move around sun up to sun down. Why don't you bring your moving options into the office? How you ask, take an extra trip up the stairs instead of the elevator, take an extra lap around the office during lunch or from getting a glass of water. I personally always joke that my exercise at work sometimes comes from the trip to the printer. But I do have a height adjustable desk, do you have those options? It is amazing what some standing while working will really help your focus and joints keep moving. I will say that some standing while collaborating is also a great idea, so maybe some cafe tables in the lunch room and spread over the office is another option. Take a look in any coffee shop, or new fast food joint. They have high tops, low tables, and everything in between. Being comfortable is about being able to move.