Seating NOW

Are you looking at your year end and need to spend a few dollars for the end of the year? WE have some excellent in stock task chairs and some options for desks! Our Task Chair selection is in pretty good standing. Lots of comfort options, both for the daily task chair, conferencing, or side chairs. All chairs come with a warranty and can be delivered by the end of the year if ordered by December 26, 2018.

WE do have Aeron (Remastered and Classic) Mirra 2 and Embody in time for the holidays in limited supplies and options. Give us a call today to make someone’s work day 100 times better with a brand new task chair. Remember you sit in your chair 8 hours a day and they say to change your mattress every 8 years! Imagine if you actually got 8 hours a sleep a night (the time we spend at minimum in our chairs a day!)