Herman Miller DNA

So what Separates a Herman Miller chair from the competition... LOTS! Who else has a chair that is asked for by name, AERON!!!!! It's Iconic! But did you know that Herman Miller actually builds all of it's chairs around the same DNA

  1. Natural Balanced Movement
  2. Total Spinal Support
  3. Dynamic Fit

So everyone talks about different types of Movements, but all movements should be Natural and not demanding on your body- knees, ankles, hips, etc. All of the Herman Miller chairs can be adjusted to your desired fit and resistance. Total Spinal Support- Well everyone in the Industry talks about the LUMBAR, well that is just 1/2 the support needed by your back! Support your back. If you are sitting for long periods, make sure you are REALLY comfortable. Dynamic Fit simple that Herman Miller makes chairs that fit everyone. Sizes and options can make all chairs adjustable to the user. 

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