Every hour, GET UP and GET MOVING! Walk a lap around your office, go to the copier or the printer, do not sit still. Get your blood flowing and help to move your joints more. No matter how 'great' your chair is, you are suppose to get up for 15 minutes an hour and stand, move, stretch. Are you able to work standing up? If the answer is NO, start asking for it, fight for it. Any desk can get a height adjustable option. We might have to remove some upper storage and/or add a leg to help brace the bridge on the desk side, but it is possible! Do not let someone tell you it can't be done. Get a 2nd opinion. We have options for 3 legs so that we can do an entire corner work surface. Lately, many people are just making their bridge the height adjustable option and this is the perfect option. 

See below for an in stock option that we have. We can definitely get any color, size, etc. Just not in stock in some cases! But in all reality, the cost is very minimul.