Have you had the AMAZING new sit test in the Herman Miller Cosm Chair? If not, you are missing out!!!! This chair was made to completely natural in form, called Auto-Harmonic Tilt . Your body weight is the chairs main focus, by forcing the chair to move with you, and making you feel almost weightless. Cosm uses your body to balance and make the tilt, back support, and feel to the user.

Cosm has a low, mid and high back option. It has a no arm, fixed arm, height adjustable arm, and leaf style. Comes in 5 stunning colors- Graphite, Canyon, Iceberg, Glacier, and Carbon. Some of them can be Fully dipped in color, meaning all the way down to the caster tread being colored. Amazing detail that some manufacturer’s can forget. It was designed by Studio 7.5 (the makers of Mirra, Mirra 2, and Setu) Come check out our demo’s in the office… You will not want to leave!